What the critics and audience had to say.....

"The Gallic tradition of torch songs, cabaret songs, Gypsy songs, opera and jazz is as rich as bechamel sauce, and Dahlia Dior gave us the full gamut...Dior's special gift is to animate not just her face and the lyrics, but the stage and the whole room. With eyes like rising suns she charmed with demureness one moment, beguiled with raunchiness the next.....this was Dior's night: as effervescent as champagne".
- John Shand - The Sydney Morning Herald

"Dahlia does it all. She is relaxed, has great presence and charm, and is a communicator, delivering her own style and personality with tremendous energy and powerful voice. A natural singer and performer, she makes every song her own".
- Variety Magazine

"She is, according to respected critic Peter Morrison, magnificent, radiant, the consummate artist who makes every song her own..."
- The Australian Jewish News

"There's nothing quite as inspiring as French song when it's done right. Dahlia Dior does it just right and doesn't restrict herself to Piaf, but ranges over the best work by the likes of Aznavour, Montand, Chevalier, and more when she presents "Chansons d'Amour", a tribute to 100 years of French Cabaret at the Tilbury Hotel.
- The Drum Media

"I would like to express our grateful thanks for your magnificent performance... Your usual pizzazz and professional showmanship was loved by the audience..."
- Jewish Centre on Ageing

"I mentioned passion. That's the quality along with a superb vocal instrument that Dior brings to her performance at its best... The voice can rock rafters and she can hold a note without a trace of tremolo for what seems a small eternity - big lungs, great control, perfect technique. Here not only the voice but the face, the entire being of the artist is radiant". -
- Peter Morrison - The Australian Jewish News

"Dahlia's individual interpretation of some of the great popular songs of the twentieth century are not only endearing but infectious. Her vocal range is awesome and when you couple that with her multi-lingual prowess, the result is phenomenal. In a show titled "A century of Song Hits" she is aglow with the rapture of music.... Not only was a medley of Edith Piaf beautifully reincarnated, but Andrea Bocelli was mesmerising."
- The Canberra Times

"Dahlia, it was a delight working with you on this, the first production for STARZ SUPPER CLUB at the Canberra Casino. "Chansons D'Amour" was the inspiration for "Cabaret De Paree" and it has been a real thrill to present you in this setting. Your ability to delight and charm each audience with your own enthusiasm for this particular repertoire has been integral to the production, and a major reason for its success..."
- The School of Arts Cafe

"I am glad that we have had the opportunity to discover the School of Arts Café which is a rather unique place around Canberra. It is good to find here such an "atmosphere and Dahlia's performance is outstanding..."
- Arnaud Littardi, Conseiller Culturel et Scientifique, Canberra

"Thank you so much for performing at our Gala Musical Concert yesterday afternoon. It was outstanding. Everyone attending felt it was the best concert ever..."
- National Council of Jewish Women of Australia NSW Division

"The Members and Friends of the Sydney Jewish Centre on Ageing (COA) join me in sending you their warm and sincere thanks for your outstanding performance... We are grateful to you for giving so generously of your time to entertain the elderly in the community..."
- Jewish Centre on Ageing

"Dahlia revives - or is it relives? - French cabaret, which became a universal art from before the time when Edith Piaf struggles from the gutters of Paris to make it internationally acceptable... With a few carefully chosen props she explores the genre with sympathy and understanding. The exploration is shared with her audience through her narration, and presentation, in English, of the songs before or during her renditions in beautifully expressive French..."
- The Canberra Times

Dahlia is really a gypsy at heart, and this was wonderfully demonstrated in her
"Gypsy Soul" show at the Hakoah Club - a musical cavalcade of gypsy music
in Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, French, Czech, Ladino, Hebrew, Yiddish and
English. The show was a great success and due to public demand is to be repeated.
- The Australian Jewish News

"Thank you for entertaining us so beautifully and graciously for the benefit of our families in WIZO's care in Israel. With love from the girls in WIZO Ayelet..."
- Women's International Zionist Organisation

"...Dior was the perfect choice around which to build the Canberra Casino's supper club's first show. She has appeared at the School of Arts café in two very successful seasons of her one woman show, "Chansons d'Amour", and with her knowledge of French cabaret offers audiences "something for the mind" amidst the visual entertainment offered by a small troupe of dancers..."
- The Canberra Times

"Your concert and repertoire were of the highest standard and I received nothing but positive feedback from residents, staff and visitors alike. Your voice is a delight to listen to and your rapport with your audience is nothing short of amazing..."
- Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home

"Your clever repertoire catered to all tastes and really put the clients and residents into the spirit of the occasion..."
- The Burger Centre

"Dior presents all seasons of emotion. With a few carefully chosen props, Dior explores the genre of French Cabaret with sympathy and understanding... Her appeal and charm extend beyond that into the theatre of her face and body, from which her "act" takes shape and reaches out from the intimate stage of the Cafe. The exploration is shared with her audience through her narration in English, of the songs sang in beautifully expressive French".
- The Canberra Times

"In appreciation for a wonderful presentation of songs enabling us to enjoy your wide repertoire of music. We so very much appreciate the time and effort you have so generously given at out 76th Annual Luncheon..."
- National Council of Jewish Women of Australia NSW Division

"Sunday night was a totally marvellous experience, congratulations...Dahlia, you and the musicians were a joy to listen to and watch..."
- K. & J. Roberts, Avalon, Hits of the Century audience members

"Your generosity and sparkling personality guaranteed the success of our campaign by creating a joyful and happy atmosphere ..."
- United Israel Appeal Women's Division

"...thank you for the outstanding "Continental Cabaret" that you put on for our New Year's Function. Our members greatly enjoyed the event, and I hope you will be blessed in the light of this wonderful Mitzva.... Thank you again, for bringing a beautiful atmosphere to the COA and for your professionalism and personality which we enjoy so much..."
- Jewish Centre on Ageing

"Thank you very much for once again giving senior citizens a wonderful Purim to remember!!"
- Welfare Ladies Friendship Club

"We thank you for sharing your expertise for the benefit of those in WIZO's care in Israel..."
- Women's International Zionist Organisation

"Dahlia's pleas for peace seemed deeply personal - she can trace her lineage back to the Jewish exodus from Spain in 1492. She called for peace through listening and understanding, through reconciliation and share human feelings, through shared history and beliefs.... She was at her shining best, bursting with energy, radiating joy and goodwill."
- The Australian Jewish News

"Dahlia Dior's concert at the Folk Centre was a huge success.... The Folk Centre would like to congratulate Dahlia for such a wonderful afternoon..."
- The Folk Centre

"...we immensely enjoyed your concert last night. You are not only great to look at but a pleasure to listen to. It was a well constructed program, and excellent support band and a superb performance on your part..."
- A. & R. Libesman, Bellevue Hill, Ladino Soul audience members

"One of the jewels in the crown of Hakoah's week-long 60th Anniversary Celebrations was a free gala concert by Dahlia Dior. The concert attracted a record crowd...it was such a treat for them that the excitement stayed with them for the rest of the day. Dahlia's performance was a highlight - she is such a professional..."
- The Australian Jewish News

"... would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generous efforts on behalf of the Museum. The evening was a great success because of yours and Lily's enthusiasm and talent..."
- Sydney Jewish Museum

"You gave so much joy to the oldies on Sunday....some of the sentimental songs brought tears to many eyes, particularly some of the Israeli songs..."
- B'nai B'rith Parents' Homes

"...we appreciate your contribution to the WIZO Ilana Music Fest, for the benefit of families in WIZO's care in Israel..."
- Women's International Zionist Organisation

"Thank you for participating in our Gala Variety Concert to raise funds for the Ilan Foundation which helps children and young adults in Israel suffering from Motor Neuron Disease..."
- National Council of Jewish Women of Australia NSW Division

"Thank you for your wonderful entertainment today. You really put your heart and soul into it and we really appreciate it..."
- Jewish Centre on Ageing

"...I would like to thank you and your pianist for the beautiful concert you gave for our Channukah Party. Everyone enjoyed your performance..."
- Australian Jewish Welfare Society